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Course Introduction

As data becomes increasingly important in news reporting, this course helps students learn the fundamental principles, tools and workflow to visualise data. Each class is composed of half lecture session and half lab session so that students can get adequate guided exercises. The course mainly focuses on data visualisation although it covers basic data analytics and data journalism workflow just to be self-contained. Among many visualisation techniques and tools, this course focuses on the web stack, because most content are distributed via (mobile) web-based technology at present. Students will learn the end-to-end production and deployment of a web-based story, foundations of HTML/CSS/Javascript and visualisation libraries like eCharts, D3, Leaflet, ... By finishing this course, students are expected to build one web-based data visualisation news story and distribute the project via their own websites.

Course Instructor

Mr. Hu teaches data journalism and media technology in HKBU. Before joining HKBU, he served as the Chief Technology Officer of Initium Media, responsible for developing technologies to power the fast-growing digital media outlet. He founded Initium Lab whose data-driven news report on Hong Kong Legislative Council voting pattern won SOPA "Excellence in Information Graphics" award in 2016. He was co-founder and CEO of HyperLab which produced a cross social network search engine. He holds an MPhil in Information Engineering from CUHK. Before moving to Hong Kong, he worked for Baidu in Beijing as core algorithm R/D engineer, responsible for user behaviour and link analysis.

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