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Data Literacy

Data Journalism


Research Design

Including conceptualization, modeling, coding, questionaire, sampling, ...

Web Scraping

Data Mining

Data Visualization

Information Design

Language & Software

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Social Networks and Social Media

Text mining

Geographical data

Web Design/ Web Development


Backend (data service)

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CDM3080 - Information Design Basics (@HKDI)

  • Instructor: Sannia HO / Terrance Chang

The aim of this module is to apply appropriate taxonomy to analyze, organize and categorize complex data with hierarchical clarity; interpret data graphically and systematically in a style which is easily understood; communicate the value of a message with the utilisation of words images; and apply color, space and form effectively to solve communication problems. In this module, students will learn a brief history of information design, basic taxonomy such as LATCH, explore visual hierarchy, visual mapping, apply visualization techniques in the graphical representation of data and information.

Program website

CDM4157 - Motion Graphic Studio (@HKDI)

  • Instructor: Yip Pak To / Terrance Chang

The aim of this module is to analyze the evolution & trends of motion graphics from pre-computer age to contemporary digital age; integrate the principles of visual communication and motion design in idea development and design production produce animation with 2D & 3D graphic elements, texts, and sounds; and create motion graphics works through a series of preproduction workflows. In this module, students will learn motion graphic trends, principle and applications, animation production skills, scripting, storyboarding and animatics. In this project, students are working with and Media company: The News Lens. The project is to produce a series of motion graphics for a workplace feature.

Program website

Student projects: on Behance

COM5507 - Social Media Data Acquisition and Processing (@CityU)

  • (Guest) Instructor: Dr. Xinzhi ZHANG (Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University)

This course introduces the fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills on big data analytics and its application in media and communication. Special focus will be placed on Python programming, automated web data collection, and principles in analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data. Technical details include, but not limited to, Python programming fundamentals, web scraping, web crawling, API, data storage, data processing, data exploration and preliminary analysis, text mining, social network analysis, and integrated data-driven storytelling.

Learning materials: @xzzhang2

Student projects: @xzzhang2

COMM3681 - Social Media Analytics for Communication Professionals (@CUHK)

  • Instructor: Dr. LIANG Hai

Web data collection (API + Scraping) and text mining basics with KNIME

Lecture notes

COMM5631 - Digital Humanities: Methods and Tools (@CUHK)

  • Instructor: Dr. LIANG Hai

Web data collection (API + Scraping), data management, data visualization, and text mining basics with KNIME.

Lecture notes

COMM6320 - Digital Research (@CUHK)

  • Instructor: Dr. LIANG Hai

Computational communication research, design, data collection, text mining, and advanced social network modeling with R programming.

Lecture notes

COMM7620 - Social Media and Online Social Networks (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: Tsang, Stephanie Jean

This course aims to familiarize students with both the practical and theoretical implications of social media-related technologies. Students will have first-hand experience of data mining, text mining, and online social network analysis.

Student projects and teaching materials: UXLab

COMM7780 - Big Data Analytics for Media and Communication (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: Pili Hu

This graduate level course is an A-Z pathway for communication background students to start data driven reporting. The course includes Python foundation, web scraping, table manipulation, and 1-/ 2- dimensional analysis/ visualization. Open source, peer learning and reproducible reporting are also emphasised throughout the course.

Open source Python book

Student projects: F2018

ITEC2016 - Data-Driven Visualization for the Web (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: Martin Choy

This course aims to equip our students with essential knowledge on web development and data-driven story-telling. On completion of the course, students should be able to develop and publish interactive data visualization on a website.

Student projects of F2018: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

JMSC6116 - Social media analytics for journalists (@HKU)

  • Instructor: Prof. KW Fu

A brief introduction of the course (< 3 sentences) - This course is designed to provide training for master-level journalism or communication major students about the basic techniques of media data and social media analytics. It covers a variety of tools that help them conduct a range of applications including web scraping, API programming, text mining, sentiment analysis, network analysis, as well as data visualization. The course is designed and taught in problem-based or project-driven mode which aims to facilitate real life application of the techniques in a variety of media and communication settings.

Lecture notes: @fukingwa

JOUR2076 - Data Journalism (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: Roselyn Du

This entry level data journalism course is not just about dull statistics or dreary numbers. The aim of the course is to examine data journalism at its core through case studies and hands-on practice of data skills. Throughout the course, students will learn how to conceptualize, design, visualize, and produce data-based news stories using visualization tools. Students will end the semester by creating an interactive piece of data journalism.

Student projects: 1 2 3 4 5

JOUR2106 - Data Visualization for News (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: Pili Hu

This course trains our students with web based data visualization techniques, as well as a critical thinking and creative thinking mind with data. Students end the semester with a personal webpage and an online portfolio of data news. Key techniques are HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Student projects: S2017, S2018

JOUR7280 - Big Data Analytics for Media and Communication (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: Wang Xiaohui Vincent

This course aims to introduce the fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills of big data analytics in the field of media and communication. Special focus will be placed on techniques for searching, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data.

Teaching materials: @vincentwx

MSCN3095 - Data Literacy in media and Communication (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: WANG Yue Bess

The course is designed to enhance students’ ability to collect, manage and evaluate data in a critical way and to apply data in support of evidence-based decision making. The training will be integrated with visual literacy in term of data visualization and statistical literacy in terms of data manage and analysis.

MSCN3145 - Digital Journalism and Data presentation (@HKBU)

  • Instructor: WANG Yue Bess

The course focuses on hands-on data journalism skills ranging from numeracy to statistical analyses and creative visualizations. Students will be trained to tell news stories with data.

The prerequisite is Data Literacy.

VAS4056 - Expanded Studies (Data Journalism) (@HKDI)

  • Instructor: Brian Lo

This module is focuses on studying the data explosion in the society as well as finding the way to make use of data with practical methods for journalistic reports and deliveries. Students are required to apply the use of data in journalistic storytelling with proper visual elements so as to deliver the message and produce evidence accurately to audience, listener and readers.

Recommended readings:

VAS4062 - Media Computer Graphic in Journalism (@HKDI)

  • Instructor: Raymond Yau

The module introduces the practical skills and use of tools for information design and graphic communication from its inception and concept development to its completion. Students can learn and apply the visual languages and graphical skills for producing information based news stories as well as publishing and broadcasting in journalism aspects.