A Complete Example

We show a complete example to from raw data set to web-based visualisations. The data set can be found in this Google Spreadsheet.

Camp Evolution

First checkout the "Number of Wining Candidates". You can see that pro-establishment always has more seats than pan-democracy. However, in year 2013's Hong Kong district council election, there is one switching point. In terms of abosolute number of votes that support the winning candidates, pan-democracy is higher than pro-establishment. You can click "Absolute Number of Votes" to see the difference.


Choose the chart you want to see:

Mapping the parties

You can search online for GeoJSON files organised by the open data community. We use 2blam/HK-geojson in this case. Right side is the map to show votes winned by "Other" camp (non pro-establishment and non pan-democracy) in the year 2015.

Problems and future directions?

  • Try a Map with proper coastal lines so that the visual is better.
  • Show other camps on the map?
  • Calculate a custom metric and present on the map? e.g. "Political diversity"
  • Animate by years?